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The most useful Eliot and Waste Land sites on the web.
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General information sites

What the thunder said - an introduction to T.S. Eliot New Window

Waste land texts and sites New Window

Eliot's biography New Window

Eliot's bibliography New Window

Yahoo's Eliot sites New Window

Online Texts

On-line Eliot texts New Window

Arwin's Eliot project - Annotated Eliot texts New Window

Tradition and the Individual Talent - this essay by Eliot is useful for understanding his poetic method in The Waste Land New Window

Rick Parker's Waste Land hypertext - very detailed New Window

TSEbase: A concordance to Eliot's poems New Window

Listen to The Waste Land

(Requires Realplayer Software)
Burial of the Dead, read by Eliot.

What The Thunder Said, read by Paul Schofield.

Eliot discussions

The Eliot mailing list New Window

The T. S. Eliot bulletin board at Kildevil hill. New Window

Essays and Commentary

The structure of 'The Waste Land' New Window

Intertextuality in 'The Waste Land' New Window

The Grail myth

The wasteland and the grail New Window

The grail ritual New Window

Eliot and 'Apocalypse Now' New Window

Key sources

The most important texts used by Eliot in The Waste Land

The Divine Comedy by Dante New Window

Shakespeare's works New Window

The Bible New Window

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